Fakher Andisheh Management & Economic Consulting Institute

FAMEC is a tremendous thought in developing business management practices.

We are one of subsidiaries of Fakher Group established in 2014, have innovative ways in developing your business and help your firm to make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success you desire.


Design and deployment of knowledge management system

Knowledge management systems refer to any kind of system that stores and retrieves knowledge, improves collaboration, locates knowledge sources, mines repositories for hidden knowledge, captures and uses knowledge, or in some other way enhances the KM process. Our knowledge management consulting services empower our clients in the transfer and sharing of knowledge in the right way, at the right time across the organization, from strategy through to implementation. We help clients in developing a best-fit and sustainable Knowledge Management Framework, which ensures long term return on investment, and integrates knowledge management as a culture within the organization.